Role Of Abstract In A Research Paper And Ways To Make It Effective!

Role Of Abstract In A Research Paper And Ways To Make It Effective!

Well, a research paper is an academic piece of writing in favor of candidate written on a specific topic. If you need to know all about what is an abstract in a research paper, then stay focused on forthcoming content. An abstract is like a movie trailer which provides an idea to people either the movie is exciting to watch or not. Like the same one needs to make it, which shows the summary of the research paper and critical points about findings. If the abstract is sufficient enough, many readers will take an interest in your research paper. It plays a vital role in a research paper to give an overall and practical look.

How long should it be?

Mainly abstracts are not written more than 300 words as per researchers’ rules and regulations. But some of the colleges contain different provisions about ideal length. So, make sure that you have read all the rules and regulations of the college, an institution which tells you to write a research paper.

What things the abstract contains?

It is essential for readers to know what is an abstract in a research paper and how what main parts it contains. Let’s have an overlook of central parts that the abstract covers-

• The overall purpose of research

• Findings

• Design of study

• Analysis

• Methods used

• A brief summary of the conclusion

Kinds of abstract

Yes, there are different kinds of abstract available from which you need to choose one as per college or professor choice.

Critical abstract

It provides excellent information on the main findings and data. In other words, a judgment about the study validity, central information’s, reliability, and completeness. Critical abstracts are generally of 400-500 words in length due to additional commentary.

Descriptive abstract


This kind of abstract indicates the type of information found during the research. It doesn’t make any judgment about the statements, although nor provides results or conclusion of a research paper. Mainly it includes the purpose, methods, scope of research. This abstract is usually very short in length about 100 words or less.

Informative abstract

Informative abstracts do not offer evaluation of work, but they do more to describe a particular topic. It represents all the main arguments, results, conclusion, and evidence of research paper.

Highlight abstract

It is specially written to attract the reader’s attention. It contains all the exciting findings, points, keys that can attract readers in more massive number.